Gisela is a coach with warmth, spreading a comforting calm around her. She genuinely cares, and I have felt so motivated and supported. In our conversations, she has created a safe space for reflection, which, combined with powerful questions, has helped me to courageously lift some sometimes uncomfortable stones that have propelled me further in my personal development. Many thanks for our wonderful and enriching conversations.

// Angeline

Gisela is an incredibly warm, inspiring, and inclusive individual genuinely interested in getting to know new people and creating meaningful results with her clients. Exceptionally skilled at building trust and being attentive, she brings a generous dose of humor that is contagious. I have had fantastic and rewarding conversations, and I highly recommend Gisela as a coach!

// Annelie

Gisela is a positive, genuine, and curious coach who truly cares about the person in front of her. You have skillfully both strengthened and highlighted my positive qualities, as well as posed powerful reflective questions at the right moments.

// Lisa