My Story

About me

-I have been there.-

In a phase of life I forgot myself. I didn't stop and give myself time to reflect on why career stress occurred when I was in the wrong place. 

After a long period of struggling with a separation, moving from a country, accidents, surgeries and burned out, I became sick.

Really stressed out!

I didn't want to listen to my body's warning signals despite lack of motivation, poor memory, fatigue from morning to night, susceptible to infection, irritation and nausea. AT THAT TIME it was  normal everyday life. 

Now I know better. 

The rescue came when I came into contact with stress management and coaching. 


Now I put my energy into realizing everything that gives me the most in return. 

It takes great courage to talk about one's vulnerability. 

I want to share it with other people who are in a similar situation. 

It can be prevented to avoid long sick leave. long absence from the workplace etc. My big passion in life is people's well-being and have therefore changed my career direction. Here I get to use my strong strengths.  

I run my company Life Blance Coach

Life waits for no one. It's like John Lennon once said: 

Life is what goes on while we're busy planning other things .

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