Wedding, Wedding Speech, Wedding Show


Dreamy, lovely three day wedding in Tuscany. Beautiful! A memorable marriage forever! The week before the wedding, I found the dress, the one that I wanted to wear on the actual wedding day when I walk my daughter to the husband-to-be. My mind has wandered between preparations for the show, wedding speeches that I want to know by heart, acting as a translator, being present, seeing all the details, having time to talk to all 100 guests, enjoying the amazing setting, Tuscany is unbeatably beautiful. 

I probably thought before that I have a handle on the situation, dresses 7 pieces check on them, shoes, swimwear in the pack.........the speeche is in my head without a note (but I still want to bring the note if I get brain fog. For safety! You never know. The brain can play tricks under stress.) The lyrics and dance steps are under cotrol. Two days before the wedding, my sister announces that they are ill. Looks hesitant to be able to perform the show if two people are missing. Well, well it will work out. And it did. We did our best, we had so much fun. Everything was like a dreamy fairy tale, lovely laughter, wonderful speeches, filming, photographers, drones, good food, warmth, sun, tears of joy, emotions, nervousness, excitement, beautiful people in fantastic clothes, wonderful surroundings. Proud mom!