Changing habits


Do this: 

1. Choose a tiny habit

 that is a first step on the road to what you want to achieve. If you want to get more fit, it might be "I want to take a walk every day, if only for a minute. But in the long run, I want to exercise at least half an hour a day." It is important that what you choose is clear so you know if you have achieved it or not. 

2. Stick to it at all cosGood luck ! ts. 

Now the fun begins - and tricky. Now it's up to proof. Focus entirely on keeping what you promised yourself. Even if you think your goal is incredibly small, it will cost willpower effort because it goes against your usual habits and routines. A common side effect when you start with a new positive habit is that it often brings with it several valuable changes. If you start walking a little more, you may also start to cut down on sweets, soft drinks or alcohol. It is completely okay. But just stay focused on the small goal you have decided on and let the rest be as it is for so long. 

3. Give it 30 days. 

See what happens. Has your new habit become so ingrained that it feels natural? Congratulations! You have succeeded and now have a new minimum level and can look around for the next little challenge. You have also created a trend of succeeding with what you set out to do and getting to know yourself a little better. Remember you have not failed until you give up. 

Good luck!