Practise Gratitude


I woke up this morning and started my day practising mindfulness and yoga.

The morning offers a great opportunity to practice your mindfulness. The day is just beginning, it is nice and quiet, and you may have a few moments to yourself. Instead of getting out of bed and rushing through a morning routine, I like to sit for a few minutes. I think about being thankful for the day and just let myself be in the present.

You might just choose to sit on the couch and concentrate on controlled breathing, or can also take up meditation. I find that doing so helps me to start each day off with the right frame of mind.

Practising mindfulness is balm for the soul.

Start the day with gentle yoga stetches and poses.

In my previous stressful life I became aware that I wasn't giving myself time of my own and the thought "I haven't even thought about my own needs in years" appeared. Can you relate?

Your life is full of things to do.

You matter.

How do I practice Spiritual Self-Care?

Spiritual self-care may seem elusive and just as you might take small sips from a cup of a sacred tea throughout your day, so too can you sip on the cup of sacred being. It may be as simple as reminding yourself to take three deep breaths once per hour. It may mean sitting in meditation in the morning for a little while. You might also set reminders to sit quietly and read from your favorite poetry book or the particular text that inspires you.

Taking a walk in nature, sitting by the lake and spending time in a nice hot bath are all elements of spiritual self-care. 

Why? Because caring for yourself at a spiritual level includes tending to the physical. When we ignore the body, it doesn't respond well. So, you've got to take care of yourself. Taking little pauses throughout your day makes a huge difference. 

You need you.

I am thankful!

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