I´m happy you are visiting my web site. 
I am Gisela, wife, mom, dog and cat owner and ICF certified coach and accredited ACC coach and your support along your path.

With me you will find your inner strength - that I know YOU have.
My business idea is to help individuals and companies develop and to create profits and sustainability. 

My great passion in life is supporting people's well-being and their development paths. 

I love to be out in nature with my dogs and do social work (patrol dog). 

I am a brave, responsible and positive person. 

I also have a great interest in the areas of personnel issues, work environment, and health care.  It is important to me to help, support and make a difference. 

I myself gained new insights  when I chose to change direction and delve into coaching. 

Now I have the possibility to share my story and experiences, so you too can strengthen yourself  and lead yourself forward in a positive and energetic way. 

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My educations 

¤ Certified Leadership Coach, Akademi Coachstjärnan, Sweden

¤ ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program), Akademi Coachstjärnan

¤ Leadership Training, Stockholmsakademin

¤  "Staff and administration" at the University

¤ Italian, Centro Linguistico  Italiano Dante Alighieri, Rome, Italy

¤ Economics at High School, Bromma Gymnasium 

                                           Do you want a better balance in life? 


- Life Balance mission is to find solutions to problems and make what is good even better- 

"Coaching is about helping others to help themselves - to contribute to people's well-being and performance better."