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About Me

I am Gisela, CEO and owner of GSH Life Balance Coach

-I've been there - 

I know that achieving and implementing changes takes time.                            Throughout my years as a responsible manager, team leader, and sales executive manager, I've reflected on the importance of focused conversations and the ongoing need for team building.                                      There are no shortcuts.                                                                                               It's something that requires continuous active effort. 

My significant passion is coaching and providing support in people's developmental journeys, whether individually, in groups, or within organizations. 

My areas of interest in my work lie where I can contribute with my coaching approach in well-being, self-leadership, organizational development, sustainable work environments, and support for a faster return to work after sick leave.   

Currently, I channel my energy into running my own business and realizing everything that gives me the most in return and contributes to my well-being.                                                                                                                        My strengths are now coming to fruition.                                                                                               

I am steering my own business forward, GSH Life Balance Coach

My Educations, Certificates and Licences

ICF Coach (International Coaching Federation)

Leadership Coach

Positive Psychology

Emotional Intelligence

ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program)

ACT (Acceptance and Committment Training/Therapy)

PA Program-Personnel and Administration

Leadership training

Key account Management (KAM)

Building Resilience, Effective Listening

Italian, Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri, Rome, Italy


- Life Balance MISSION is to find solutions to problems and make what is good even better- 


-Life Balance Coaching's VISION is to promote well-being and performance by  being an integral opart of individuals and organizations' progress and future

"Coaching is about helping others to help themselves - to contribute to people's well-being and performance better."