5 tips to stop procrastinating


Here are 5 tips that you can try to stop procrastinating:  

1. Do what is most difficult or scares you the most first. 

Identify what really receives the most to do in each fiber of the body. Whether it's because you think it's sad or because it scares you so that your stomach swells. Place it at the top of your to do list and take it on as the first task of the day. Research shows that if you perform the most challenging task on your list first, you will gain momentum for the rest of your day. 

2. Log what you have done

In order not to forget that you have actually accomplished something before, you can log what you have done, either via a digital list or just an ordinary to do list in a notebook. Mark what you have done, and have it to look back on when you need extra motivation to get started. 

3. Set time frames for the tasks

Review your to-do list and set a time frame for how much time each task may take. One such thing that can be good to have a time frame on is to answer and write emails and to update social media. Here it is easy to completely lose sight of time and space. 

4. The egg timer trick 

Decide that you will concentrate for 45 minutes on performing the thing that you postpone. Not all day, but only for the specific time frame. Set a timer on your mobile and start working. Minimize distractions. Remove all forms of notifications from your computer eg Pinterest, FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. Feel free to put your mobile phone in airplane mode. 

5.Change environment 

To get a new perspective and energy, change environment. If you work from home, go to a cafe or hotel foyer. Then you are not in an environment where there are other things that can distract you, such as "just" picking out the dishwasher. You will instead be among other people who are also sitting and working in front of their laptop with a cup of coffee. It is guaranteed to infect you.

Don't fight procrastination, do other important things instead.