Effective Listening


Are you like me, a curious person who constantly wants to learn new things, explore and experience new things. I read a number of books per month and attend courses and trainings to get to my big goal of giving people individually or in groups at companies, in associations, at schools support and guidance in various contexts. Today I chose to participate in a course on LinkedIn. I gained some new insights and can warmly recommend you who want to develop in the field of EFFECTIVE LISTENING. It is a crucial competence. Surprisingly few professionals have actually received formal training in how to listen effectively. This course made me assess my current listening skills, understand the challenges of effective listening (like distractions!), and develop behaviors that will make me a better listener—and a better colleague, mentor, and friend. 

  • Define attentive listening.
  • Explore what happened when you are distracted by delivery.
  • Recall what a mental filter is and how it can affect assumptions.
  • Explore methods for choosing the best paraphrasing response in the situation.
  • List the five listening intentions.