The earlybird gets the worm


The earlybird gets the worm 

I woke up early this morning and went for a dog walk out in the forest. It's fantastic to walk out in the forest, feel the ground I'm walking on; the soft moss, the hard rock, twigs, branches, roots and stumps. 

The dogs were excited, they picked up a trail of something "good smelling". Maybe a fox passed or a rabbit. Who knows? 

Wow, it's great to wake up early and see what the day has to offer. 

I was thinking about the meaning of: The Earlybird gets the worm in swedish: "Morgonstund har guld i mund"? I always thought it was some old spelling of mouth, but when I poked around a bit online, it turned out that it stood for something else. Mund is apparently hand in Old Norse. The whole proverb thus stands for; If you get up early, you get a lot done, and money in hand. In other words, the gold stands for money. 

I love getting a lot done. Something my husband doesn't always understand. He wants more peace and quiet. Peace and quiet is also important. It is often out in nature that I get my energy and peace of mind. 

Where do you find yours?