1. Family 

  • Spend time together as a family, but also pursue individual interests
  • Treat others (both inside and outside of the family) with compassion and respect
  • Always continue to learn
  • Learn from failures
  • Celebrate successes
  • Use money to do, rather than to buy
  • Treat pets as family
  • Remember to not always act on feeling
  • Listen since all opinions are important

2. I'm a life long learner. I am committed to continually improve myself, to come from a position of strenght to serve others to the best of my ability.

3. Loyalty lasts. I´m at my best when I´m fiercely loyal to people I know and follow. When I say  I´m going to show up - I do.

4. I´m a risk taker. I´m not afraid to move outside my comfort zone, face the fear, and fail forward.

5. I´m straight up honest. I´m at my best when I´m truthful, transparent and genuinely authentic.

6. Freedom to:

  • Express myself freely and openly.
  • Build a life in which I can create my own schedule, travel, try new things, etc.
  • Nurture relationships with friends and family who give you the freedom to be yourself.
  • Become your own boss.
  • Include enough free time in your schedule.

7. I´m happy to be able to help others.                                                                              Compassion is taking the time to understand the suffering of others and, hopefully, being able to do something about it. There is a lot of struggle and suffering that can be alleviated in the world; with a core value like compassion, you might be able to help your fellow humans in some meaningful way.

Being compassionate is more than just listening to others. It's about putting aside your judgment and trying your best to put yourself in the shoes of other people who need help.  When you have compassion, you will be able to create stronger connections.

8. Health. If you don't have your health, you can't do much else until you do. Because of this, health has to be a core value in your life.

So how can you do this? First, realize the importance of eating healthy. Explore new ways to cook vegetables and enjoy fruits as a sugar substitute. Fill your fridge with healthy snacks. More than that, try your best to stay active and keep your body moving. Walk to work, try yoga, or stretch every morning.

9. Creativity has also been provided to lessen depressive symptoms, decrease anxiety, improve immune function, and increase positive emotions. One of the common mistakes of people is thinking of creativity only in terms of art. However, this shouldn't be the case. Creativity will allow you to look at problems in a different light and solve them through innovation.

10. Integrity means that you are truthful and honest in all areas of life, in your professional work and in your personal life.  When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, you do the right thing, even in the face of adversity. 

In your life and in your work, leading with integrity is a necessity that centers on the idea that your actions are open and transparent- you do not lie or hide the reality of situations. 

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