Values triangle - 'caring'


Are all values healthy?

The aswer is yes, provided they are in balance. Most values have a three-dimensional element to them. What does that mean? Let´s take the example of Sara, a nurse, who has a strong value of `caring´. Sara is tired and drained with her job and things are really getting her down. When she worked with a coach on her values, 'caring' came top of her list. Consider the three sides of caring in the figure above.

The coach asked Sara the following questions:

A. How well do you care for others?

B. How good are you at asking for help/accepting help from others?

C. How well do you look after yourself? 

Sara said that she was very caring and spent most of her time caring for other people, especially her patients and family. This was what was tiring her out!

When Sara was asked the other two questions, any idea what she said?                                           She never asked for help and so everyone thought she was ok and probably didn´t need help. As for looking after herself, she just didn´t have the time!

This is a classic example of a value out of balance.

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